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Hildebrand/Dayler Pop Up Lecture

Pop-up lecture alert!

When:  Wednesday, November 8, noon-1pm
Where: Callicott Auditorium at MCA's Rust Hall in Overton Park 

What: Tyler Hildebrand and Matthew Dayler are two of MCA's baddest alumni. Both now work at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and they are coming back tell to you about their work and how their careers have evolved since their time at MCA. Learn more about each artist below.

Tyler Hildebrand: Artist Tyler Hildebrand works in Admissions and has taught analytical drawing and sculpture at the Art Academy ofCincinnati. He produces work in a wide range of media, from gifs and animations to paintings and environmental installation. According to his artist profile at David Lusk Gallery where Hildebrand is locally represented, he "does not shy away from the harsh realities of contemporary American culture... Hildebrand strives to represent grotesque elements of society, even if it means revealing an uncomfortable and oftentimes crude environment. By exposing the perverse, depraved and degenerate truths of the world around us, Hildebrand produces work that is often tough to look at, sometimes witty and always truthful." Since his time at MCA, Hildebrand has forged a vibrant career. His is owner and curator ofTastyKake Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland, the director of his own film studio, Mohawk Productions, and has exhibited widely from Memphis to New York. Learn more about his work here

Matthew Dayler: Matthew Dayler was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and is Assistant Professor at the Art Academy ofCincinnati. Dayler’s interests draw from a wide variety of historical and contemporary imagery relating to identity in juxtaposition with street culture, music and sports. Dayler’s images are often presented in the form of murals, prints, drawings, and video.  His work has been exhibited at the Telfair Museum of Art in Savannah, Georgia, The Brooks Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, and Galerie Edition Schedler in Zurich, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Australia, Miami, NYC and LA. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and is one of the founders of Xylene. Click here to check it out!
Ghost Note hits Memphis with native son MonoNeon
(image) Bassist MonoNeon has built up quite a following here in his hometown, especially for someone who performs only rarely. Those familiar with his viral videos will be happy to hear that he'll actually be playing live in Memphis tomorrow night, with the group Ghost Note. Judging from their press, it will make for an intriguing evening: “This is music that takes listeners on a mind-blowing journey, inspired by the influences of James Brown, J Dilla, and the Beastie Boys, all the way to folkloric West African, Afro-Cuban, and Brazilian samba grooves.”

Snarky Puppy fans should also rejoice, as the group is essentially a side project for two stalwart members of the internationally acclaimed combo. Robert "Sput" Searight plays drums and Nate Werth plays percussion in the more famous group, but with Ghost Note, their kitchen-sink approach to experimental instrumental tracks makes those attributions seem obsolete. Ghost Note really is dedicated to fresh sounds, with samples and live playing mixed freely to create unique soundscapes that are both quirky and funky.

How appropriate, then, that they recruited MonoNeon for their current second album. No stranger to the strange, he is also consummately funky and percussive. When I spoke to him for this summer's feature story, he said a few words about the project. “I'm with a band called Ghost Note. That's like a side project of Snarky Puppy. We just recorded an album, I think it's supposed to be released this year in October. I wrote one song on the album, it's called 'Milkshake'. 'Cos I like milkshakes. And I primarily play guitar on it, for some reason. I don't know. I really don't consider myself a guitar player. I'm more of a rhythm guitar player. And that's what I got from Prince. I started working on my guitar. His rhythm guitar playing is so ... it's just amazing.” 
See The Nth Power/Ghost Note/MonoNeon at 1884 Lounge, Nov. 4th at 8 pm.
Small Worlds

Small Worlds 
Opening reception Friday, December 8, 6-8pm
Work on display December 9-16
Flicker Street Studio
74 Flicker Street

Flicker Street Studio is pleased to announce the opening of Small Worlds, a group exhibition offering a broad and critical reassessment of small format painting, sculpture and ceramics. The show includes works by Jim Buchman, Nancy Cheairs, Erin Wright, Melissa Dunn, Elizabeth Alley, Susan Maakestad, Emma Kate Rose, Pam McDonnell and Marja Vallila. Small Worlds explores the realm between the real world and the imagined world. A small format work creates the experience of peering through a tiny aperture - allowing us a way into another world. The aperture may be small but the imaginative world beyond is limitless, opening far beyond the confines of a rendered surface. An opening reception will take place at the gallery on Friday, December 8th from 6-8pm. The work will be exhibited from Dec 9 - Dec 16. The studio will be open Monday through Saturday, 10 -5pm. For further information, please contact the gallery at 901.767.2999, or 74 Flicker Street, Memphis, TN 38104
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